Specialized online curriculum for Alternative Teacher Certification Programs

Best Classroom-Specific Strategies for Managing and Teaching Students with Behavior Problems

Our entire on-line curriculum
is completely research-based

The ATCP curriculum has been developed for general education and special education teachers/classrooms by Dr. Brenda Scheuermann, one of the country’s foremost specialists in working with students who exhibit behavior problems in the classroom. She is also the lead author of the highly acclaimed text, Positive Behavioral Supports for the Classroom (Pearson/Merrill/Prentice Hall, 2008).

Dr. Scheuermann personally narrates each module, which also includes many classroom-specific informal assessment forms to download as well as many classroom activities for ACP students to utilize within their ATCP course of study. Note-taking guides are also included for many modules. Brenda Scheuermann has authored two additional textbooks as well as numerous research-based articles published in professional journals. She has consulted with numerous school districts regarding working with their students in managing behavior problems in the classroom. To review Dr. Scheuermann’s professional resume, please click on the “About Dr. Scheuermann” link.

This unique on-line training series is intended to develop skills in students preparing to become teachers via their ATCP course of study. It fits neatly into any training program and is easily adaptable with the many activities provided that can be utilized while students are in class, studying at home, and especially while in their internship as they encounter the day-to-day behavior problems inherent in every classroom. The cost is minimal, $50 per student. The content is outstanding. In addition, Dr. Scheuermann is an approved provider of the Texas State Board for Educator Certification and as such, those who view each module may also receive “continuing professional education” credit. Each module includes a CPE certificate that may be downloaded.

The ATCP “Behavior Management” on-line curriculum
is structured as follows:

Series 1
Best Practices in Effective Classroom Management

Module 1 - Basic principles about behavior and classroom management
Module 2 - Rules and procedures to prevent classroom management problems
Module 3 - Using classroom climate, schedule and supervision to prevent classroom management problems
Module 4 - Ensuring high levels of appropriate behavior – Part 1
Module 5 - Ensuring high levels of appropriate behavior – Part 2
Module 6 - Classroom Strategies for Effectively Reducing Problem Behaviors

Series 2
Making Schools More Effective for All Students – Inclusion

Module 1 - Overview of Inclusion
Module 2 - Essential Components for Effective Inclusion
Module 3 - Student Supports for Effective Insclusion
Module 4 - Top 10 Behavioral Practices for All Teachers – Part 1
Module 5 - Top 10 Behavioral Practices for All Teachers – Part 2
Module 6 - Top 10 Instructional Practices for All Teachers – Part 1
Module 7 - Top 10 Instructional Practices for All Teachers – Part 2

Series 3
Understanding Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (EBD)

Module 1 - Overview of Emotional/Behavioral Disorders
Module 2 - What Causes Emotional/Behavioral Disorders?
Module 3 - Essential Components of Evidence-Based Programs

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