How To Begin

There are three ways to gain access to our on-line curriculum:
  • If you are an ACP student or are a faculty member or other authorized personnel of a School District/Co-Op/SSA that has a site license from us, you should have already obtained the access Pin Number from your school administrators.

    Please read the Registration section below (as well as the System Reqirements and Privacy Statement paragraphs). Then just click on the Registration (with district provided Pin Number) link on the sidebar to register and gain access to our on-line modules.

  • If you or your district or ACP does not have a pin number, or you are an individual associated with a particular entity, then you may proceed to the Individual Registration section to purchase access to one or more of our modules. After registration, you will be given an opportunity to pay for the number of modules you wish to view with a credit card. After making your payment you will be transferred to view modules section and can select and view the number of modules you have paid for. (note: if you are registering as an individual and have proceded to the registration section, please enter "none" when asked for the name of your school district.)


Our modules are fully PC and Apple compatible but may experience inconsistencies if you do not have the latest flash player or if you have cookies disabled.


The registration section will ask you for the following information. After entering this required information you will have immediate as well as future access to our curriculum:
  1. Enter your First and Last name. This is the name that will be printed on your CPE certificates.

  2. Enter a User ID. The User ID is your identity on the system and can be your first name, nickname or anything else you want it to be; you will be asked to enter you User ID and your password each time you log in to the system.

  3. Enter a Password. Create a password for this and future log-ins. Be aware that the password is Case Sensitive.

  4. Next choose a challenge question from the pull down menu and then enter a personal answer to the question. This mechanism, with a correct answer to the challenge question, will enable the system to retrieve your password should you forget it in the future.

  5. Enter your email address. This is the address that your lost password will be forwarded to.

  6. Finally, enter your school campus name or name of your ACP program. (If you are not affiliated with a specific educational entity please enter the word none)
After the registration process – and at any time in the future – you may proceed immediately to our curriculum by using the Log On to System link and then entering your User ID and password that you created in the registration process.


Please be assured that any information you give to us in the registration process will be held in the strictest confidence and will never be shared with any organization outside of The Teaching Zone.