Frequently Asked Questions

There have been very few problems with our on-line training system as we have gone to great lengths to insure an easy and problem-free user experience each and every time you sign on to our system.

Regarding the few problems that have occurred, they are addressed in the questions and answers below. Once you have successfully utilized any module the first time, any problem you might experience thereafter is most probably the result of user input error or an Internet connectivity issue.

Here are some frequently asked questions that have been asked by users on the rare occasion that they experience a problem:

1. What if I forget my password and/or user ID?

Just start over and create a new password and/or user ID

2. What if I forget or lose my PIN number?

You must secure this again from your school district or ACP as we are not authorized to provide this to you.

3. What if my certificate doesn't print?

First, make sure you can print other documents to the intended printer. If you can successfully print then make sure you have "cookies" enabled in your browser. Close all other open windows or tabs and try again.

4. Is my use of the on-line training being monitored?

Yes, we maintain a database indicating how long you are on-line when using any module, as well as the time and date of usage. In addition, each certificate when printed out has a time code on it to verify your usage as to date and time.

5. What if the presentation "hangs up"?

This may be caused by an outdated flash player on your computer, the presence of a network "firewall" or perhaps a temporary loss of your Internet connection. Consider trying again from a different location or at a time when less computer traffic is on your network.

6. Who do I contact if I cannot resolve a problem on my own?

Please contact us only if you are experiencing a problem that you feel you cannot resolve after trying some of the suggestions noted above. If unsuccessful, then e-mail Dr. Bill Jacobs at:

You can typically expect a response to your e-mail within 24 hours. We serve thousands of educators but since problems are so few and far between, we can usually respond back to you quite soon.